Privacy Policy does not set out to collect any identifying information from site visitors. The only information gathered is what readers choose to submit when commenting on a post. Readers are responsible for the information they choose to reveal about themselves in such posts. An email address is required to post, but this is not resold or used for any purpose except for webmaster contact if necessary. links to other Internet web sites which are believed to be of interest to this site’s visitors. is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of these external sites. Banner and text advertisements contained on the web site are from advertising companies. These ads many contain cookies which are collected by the advertising company. Data from these cookies are not available to These companies include Commission Junction, and Google, each of which have their own privacy policies. The web server which hosts this site gathers certain non-identifying information about visitors to the web site. Such information includes the visitor’s country of origin, the browser used to access the site, the date and time each page of site was visited, the web site which referred the visitor, the search terms used in referring search engines, etc. This information is available to the webmaster in the form of basic statistics and does not reveal your identity. This information is used to gain a statistical summary to determine where visitors come from, which pages are viewed most, etc.

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