October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. The video below shows one of the many 2008 Buddy Walks. Click here to learn more about Buddy Walks.


No doubt this year is an extra special celebration due to the recent passage of the Kennedy-Brownback Prenatally and Postnatally Diagnosed Conditions Awareness Act. You can see a family of a child living with Down Syndrome discussing this legislation in the video below. 


Organization Links

  • National Down Syndrome Society
  • National Association for Down Syndrome
  • Articles

  • ‘Eugenic Abortion’: With Pre-Natal Testing, 9 in 10 Down Syndrome Babies Aborted
  • Trig Paxson Van Palin
  • NDSS Position Papers
  • Videos

  • Chris Burke discusses his life with Down Syndrome
  • Holland and Miracles
  • Gifts: How Children With Down Syndrome Have Enriched Our Lives
  • Be
  • I Have a Voice
  • Buddy Walk Slideshow
  • Down Syndrome and the Healthcare Professional At 9:00 into the video, one mother describes her interaction with medical staff, including the social worker. She relates that she felt rushed by staff who exhibited negative attitudes about Down Syndrome.
  • Article with Video

  • The Blessing of a Child with Down Syndrome
  • Other Disability Resources

  • Disability Specific Info for each state for professionals and parents Not specific to Down Syndrome, but provides links and resources on a variety of disabilities.
  • Post-Abortion Healing
    Given the high rate of pregnancy termination among women who’ve received a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome, I realize that some of you reading this post may have been personally touched by abortion. Nothing in this post is intended to condemn or judge you for having had an abortion or for having counseled anyone in that direction. Many of the articles I’ve read about Down Syndrome raise the topic of abortion, so I’d like to close with the following resources.

    Rachel’s Vineyard Offers counseling referrals for women, family members, and professionals who seek post-abortion counseling. Their hotline is staffed in English and Spanish 24/7 at 877-HOPE-4-ME. They can refer you to faith-based resources or link you with other types of post-abortion counseling resources in your area. It may interest you to know that one of their co-founders is a social worker.

    Abortion Recovery Network Provides links and resources for post-abortive women, family members, and professionals who’ve worked in the abortion industry. Their hotline is 1-866-4-MY-RECOVERY.

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    October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

    National Boss Day is October 16, 2008

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