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Social Work Management & Ethics

Let’s get back to the matter of social work supervisors and ethics. Many of the social workers I’ve met online have indicated that the way they are managed … or mismanaged … has a lot to do with their burnout and even their willingness to remain in the profession. So I’d like to repeat the […]

Boni Frederick: A Social Work Hero

Sixty seven year old social worker Boni Frederick is a hero. I offer my heartfelt and most sincere condolences and prayers to her family, friends, and colleagues. Boni Frederick was murdered during a home visit on 10/16/06 in Henderson, Kentucky. She exemplifies why I have so much admiration for child protective workers. They put their […]

Happy Bosses Day to Social Work Administrators

Happy Bosses Day to all the social work supervisors out there in Fried Social Worker land! One of the nice things about having a web site is corresponding with other social workers around the globe. I get to hear the neat things they doing, but I also learn about the burdens they carry and the […]