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Violence Against Social Workers

Alarming Statistics Consider these statistics from the Massachussetts Chapter of NASW’s Committee for the Study and Prevention of Violence Against Social Workers   More than 50% of the social workers surveyed had been physically assaulted at work.   More than 75% of the social workers surveyed had been verbally abused at work.   For detailed […]

Is it Burnout or Compassion Fatigue?

Are you suffering from burnout or compassion fatigue? Or both? You can take the Compassion Satisfaction and Fatigue (CSF) Test to find out. You’ll also find some helpful resources below the self-test.   “Compassion Fatigue” seems to be the buzzword these days. It seems to be freely interchanged with the word “burnout,” although these strike […]

May is also National Foster Care Month

Here are a few sites to provide you with more information about foster parents, youth in foster care, and Foster Care Month.   National Foster Care Month Web Site Facts, statistics, toolkit, graphics, proclamations, and more.   Foster Club National network for youth in foster care. Has a nice page about famous people who were […]