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Client Violence Podcast

Here’s another client violence resource for social workers. It’s a podcast entitled Client Violence: Interview with Dr. Christina Newhill. Podcast length is 42 minutes, so you probably want to download this one at home. The podcast is an interview between social worker Jonathan Singer, LCSW and Dr Christina Newhill, author of Client Violence in Social […]

When Clients Stalk

A big THANKS to Charles Ennis, author of the Safe Approach Weblog, for his article Dealing With Stalkers. Stalking by clients is something that can happen to almost any of us, regardless of our practice setting. So I hope everyone out there in Social Work Land will take the time to read his article. There’s […]

Ohio Social Worker Workplace Safety Survey

Ohio Social Workers, here’s your opportunity to voice your concerns about safety issues in your workplace! The Ohio NASW Chapter is conducting a social worker workplace safety survey in conjunction with Molly Farrell, LISW, a current Cleveland Executive Fellow. The survey is described as confidential and results are to be made available to social service […]