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August 12th, 2006 is International Youth Day. This year’s theme is Tackling Poverty Together: Young People and the Eradication of Poverty. This site suggests ways to commemorate the day and provides facts and figures regarding youth and poverty. For example, did you know that almost 20% of 15 to 24 year olds around the world must manage on less than one US dollar per day? Click the link above to learn more and get involved.

Other awareness events for the month of August 2006 include:



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  1. This shook our rural SW world here, too.

    Couple things: I wish that there could be some acknowledgement that there are Foster Care SWs who come under fire as much as CPS SWs, but are never identified as such. It’s a subtle difference, but it would be nice if the public could make the distinction between the SWs who come into the unknown, help kids, then hand things off to a Foster Care SW, who then spends the next year or so working with difficult families and difficult kids.

    We have had our state offer hefty raises to CPS workers, but not see a need to offer a dime to Foster Care SWs. And they are the ones going back into the home (w/o law enforcement) after the parents’ shock has worn off, and now the parents are just MAD. That does’t seem like any less of a risk.

    I was alarmed, also, to learn that this was an SW Aide. Hopefully the SWs with the knowledge about the family are fully updating the Techs and Aides what is going on in a case that may increase risk, and not sending them out there to transport and do visits without full knowledge of what the situation is.

    Lastly, we can revamp “our” procedures and practices all day long, but until the Judges who order visits are made fully aware of all the factors, visitation will still carry risks. It is rare in our area for a Judge to leave the particulars of visits up to the department–they feel free to order visits in the evening, on weekends, etc.

    This could be a huge blow to the concept of Shared Parenting. The man in the street is not going to process that this was a case almost at TPR and that reunification had been ruled out. What stands out is that parents of foster kids are dangerous. That’s going to have a ripple effect, I fear.

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