Dr. Holden’s Archives Updated

Dr. Gary Holden’s Information for Practice archives have been updated for July, 2007. If you haven’t visited his web site, you’re missing a real gem! Dr Holden has assembled an impressive collection of research and information for Social Work professionals. You’ll find links to social work news, journals, scholarly articles, and more.


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  1. My “thank you… good job… keep up the good work” comes in the form of a good swift kick in the butt. Shortly after finishing my MSW, I was informed that this is a “thankless profession.” She could not have been more correct.

    Social work is rooted in an old mindset that this is volunteerism. “Awe, that’s really nice you must be a good person” is a typical response when one shares that he/she works as a social worker.

    This is a traditional “women’s profession” because the wages are so low. Until more men enter the field, the wages will remain low. Most male social workers, like myself, find it hard to buy a loaf of bread. With higher wages, more men will be attracted to the field; therefore, wages will continue to increase.

    How about we all take a day off and protest like the truckers??? Wait… we cannot do that! If we did, society will crumble. So much for protest. Until wages increase, social workers will burn out and go into other professions.

    Ok, now I’m depressed again lol.

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