Violence Against Social Workers

Alarming Statistics
Consider these statistics from the Massachussetts Chapter of NASW’s Committee for the Study and Prevention of Violence Against Social Workers


  • More than 50% of the social workers surveyed had been physically assaulted at work.

  • More than 75% of the social workers surveyed had been verbally abused at work.


For detailed data regarding the prevalence of violence toward social workers in direct practice in the US, check out A National Survey of Violence in the Practice of Social Work. This study describes itself as "the first national sample study exploring overall prevalence rates as reported by direct-service social workers across practice settings paying particular attention to age, gender, race, and community size."


Preventing Violence Against Social Workers

Here are a few links and resources from the Massachussetts NASW chapter to help you stay safe on the job.





Don’t know what HCON 278 IH is? It’s a resolution in the US Congress to raise awareness of the need for safety of case workers and social workers. You can find out more here, including current sponsors.


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